Please visit:  www.AlamosaPlaceBlockParty.com for information regarding storm recovery for the community. A board member is repurposing the block party site to help keep residents of the community informed about storm recovery efforts, including other useful information.

Storm Debris Pickup

New Hanover County is coordinating storm debris pickup. They will make two passes. Here is the link to their website, which contains info on their pickup schedule and rules for leaving out debris. 

Here are their general rules for leaving out debris:

Debris collection in unincorporated areas of New Hanover County will begin Monday, September 24, beginning with county parks and schools, then moving to unincorporated areas. Crews will make no less than two passes over the county to ensure debris is cleared as timely as possible.

When cleaning and clearing debris, residents are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Separate vegetative debris (branches, leaves, etc.) from construction/demolition debris (tile, carpet, drywall, etc.) — both will be picked up, but need to be separated
  • Do not place debris in bags
  • Pile smaller pieces of debris on top of larger pieces
  • Debris should be in pieces no larger than 12 feet in length
  • Place piles at least three feet from mailboxes, utility meters, sign posts, and hydrants
  • Place piles no further than five feet from the road
  • Do not place debris piles directly under power lines
  • Try to consolidate piles with neighbors

Residents can also bring vegetative debris to two locations beginning Monday:

  • Ogden Park baseball field parking lot: 615 Ogden Park Dr., Wilmington
  • Veteran’s Park (adjacent to Ashley High School next to the retention pond): 835 Halyburton Memorial Pkwy., Wilmington

Gated communities must provide permission to enter or a gate code to Environmental Management by emailing JSuleyman@nhcgov.com. Private roads will be serviced as long as a large truck can enter and have space to turn around to exit. Those who live on small private roads are asked to consolidate debris piles with neighbors at the front of the road.